HeBei Solidkey Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in research and development of drilling tools and equipments, we are manufacturing and marketing with senior technical staffs more than 15 years. Structure of our company is flexible, so our response is prompt for the upgrading of technology and equipments.
    The world's most cutting-edge design system(CAD / CAM, Pre / E computer-aided) and technology are applied in designing and manufacturing . All process is in line with API specifications, ISO9001. With advanced CNC lathes and machining center, heat-treatment facility, CNC sintering furnace brazing box integration of advanced welding equipment,we can manufacture 3 1/2" ~ 26" comprehensive drilling.......More

Metal-face sealed TCI Tricone Bit
High quality and performance, long working life,suitable for deep well...More
Elastomer Sealed TCI Tricone Bit
Regular tricone bits, welcomed by drillers...More
Steel Tooth Tricone Bit
O-ring sealed bearing tricone bits, suitable for drilling soft formation...More
Roller Cones of Tricone
Cutters for Trenchless & HDD...More
HDD Hole Opener
Hole opener...More
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